Olive Tour

The tour

While you are in Crete, don’t miss out on the unique chance to participate in the most authentic Cretan experience and discover the secrets of the famous Cretan olive oil.

Join us in our olive oil tasting and food pairing outdoor experience!

Our outdoor experience starts in the olive grove. From the moment you step into the peaceful groves, with the sun above the sky, the birds singing, the breeze and the green-sliver color of the leaves, you will feel closer to nature and to the authentic Cretan lifestyle. We will walk under the shade of the olive trees and discuss harvesting, environmentally friendly agriculture, nurturing of the trees and sustainability. Sustainability, sustainable agriculture, and future generations will be core topics of our discussion. This discussion of course will be accompanied by drinking local raki, along with some of the olives produced by those same trees. Under the trees, our team will answer all questions.

Very close to the grove is the award-winning olive mill. Ιn the olive mill, we will see how the olive fruit turns into oil, and learn all about the stages it undergoes: washing, breaking-crushing, malaxation, centrifugation, and bottling. After exploring the olive mill, we will take a small traditional 1,5km-trail, that will lead us to the award-winning olive mill. Along the way, we will have the chance to see centuries-old olive trees, some of them aged 500 to 800 years old. Don’t miss the chance to observe and touch their impressive roots and trunks and get unique pictures of them!

In the last part of the Olive Trail, you will taste authentic Extra Virgin Greek olive oil, but also you will experience the true essence of Greek hospitality! We will gather in a local tavern, where you will taste different types of olive oils based on different olive varieties. You will learn how to pair olive oil with food, and highlight its aroma, taste, and depth.

You will also participate in a cooking masterclass and familiarize yourself with the different ways olive oil is used in Cretan cuisine. You will learn how to cook, bake and fry with it. The best part comes after the cooking masterclass; we will seat together, enjoy the foodprepared during this process and discuss Cretan culture, lifestyle, myths, and of course, olive oil!